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Scene of the Day – Colin Firth’s Bar Brawl in Kingsman

APART from the odd bit of fisticuffs in Bridget Jones’s Diary, it was hard to imagine Colin Firth starring in a hyper-violent action movie such as Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014).

Now, Firth (every woman’s Mr Darcy) is appearing in the sequel – Kingsman: The Golden Circle – which arrives in cinemas tomorrow (20 September).

Matthew Vaughn’s film franchise, based on a comic book series, brings a rough-around-the-edges East London boy, Eggsy (Taron Egerton), into the suave, lavish and secretive world of the Kingsman. From unruly chav to James Bond.

In the first film, Eggsy fights for a place in the Kingsman while internet billionaire Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) plots a mass human cull to save the world from climate change. Only the Kingsman can stop Valentine.

Eggsy, an unconventional pick for the typically upper-class Kingsman, is brought into the fold by his deceased father’s old friend and colleague Harry (Colin Firth). When the two meet for the second time (the first was when Eggsy was too young to remember) they share a pint at the local pub and talk about Eggsy’s father.

Their conversation is rudely interrupted by a confrontational group of men that have a bone to pick with Eggsy. The group rudely tells Harry to leave and it appears as though he is obliging. ‘Manners maketh man,’ says Harry as he locks the doors to the pub. He is hanging around to teach them a lesson.

Harry uses the handle of his umbrella to fling a beer glass at one of the men’s head. A mass – and especially violent – brawl ensues in which Harry fights off knives and a gun to leave the entire group lying prone on the floor. The camera turns to Eggsy who, like the audience, is both impressed and amazed by Harry’s capabilities.

This scene shows off Vaughn’s inventive, stylised and comic-book excessive approach to action. Yet it is Firth’s history, as a period drama and rom-com actor, that helps adds another layer of shock to the sequence.

We do not expect this familiarly well-spoken, restrained and well-dressed figure to be a finely-oiled fighting machine.

With the 57-year-old actor returning for the Kingsman sequel, we will surely be treated to more jaw-dropping Colin Firth action. Move over Darcy. Harry is back.

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